12 Weeks
Puppies are well developed and most are
ready for their new forever homes <3 Tiny
Maltese puppies may require more time
with mom.
!0 to 11 Weeks
Personalities have truly emerged at this age. Mom is
weening them and they are eating hard food. Play for a
puppy (especially now) is a lesson. Mostly in how
hard...or not hard,  to bite down on something :D If their
sibling gives a squeak they now they've gone to far
8 Weeks
There's some serious teething going on at this age
and because their teeth are so tiny, they're
sharp. About this time pups will have their health
exam, first set of shots,
and A first bath!
6 Weeks
Pups are really getting playful at this age,
and some puppies have long enough hair
for a lovely topknot :D
5 Weeks
Personalities really start to come out at this
age. They will continue to develop and refine
over the next few weeks as they find their
place in the pack
4 Weeks
Puppies have much more black pigment,
and have become more stable when
walking. They're eating their grewl and
drinking their water all by themselves :D
Adorable Accents Maltese