Maltese Development
Size at birth does not determine adult weight.
Just born"
weighing generally 2.5 to 4.5 oz
Newborn puppies are unable to urinate
and defecate without stimulation from their mother. Their body temperature must
be kept regulated with a heating pad and/or heat lamp. They are able to crawl and
nurse but aside from that are completely helpless.
1 week old
weighing 3.5 to 6 oz ounces
The pup has started to get it's black pigment. Eyes are not
yet opened and ears are still unopened at this point.
2 Weeks Weighing  5 to 8 ounces
This puppy has just opened his eyes. As soon as eyes are opened I start my grooming
helps to prevent tear staining. It is also time to start trimming his nails. Some puppies
will start eating at this age, (although most take another week or two). I start them on
dry puppy food soaked in water then mashed with a fork. To that I add additional water
so that it's more of a liquid than a solid. More food ends up
on the puppy then in the
puppy at first, but Mom cleans everything up nicely.
Adorable Accents Maltese