How to interview your puppy breeder. Information you should
know before you purchase your puppy.

1. How many breeds of dogs do they breed. One is good, two is alright, but  more is usually a red flag. Good breeders
have fallen in love with their breed. They believe in breeding to standard, and promoting the health and welfare of their
breed. Someone who breeds many breeds of dogs is usually a person who is interested in money...not the love of their

2. Are they AKC registered?

3.  Ask how many litters they have every year. Ask how many puppies they sell and
whether they sell any to pet stores.

4. Ask how often their females are bred and until what age.

5. Ask if you can see the sire and dam.  Many puppy mills have an area where they will bring the puppies to show to the
public. You should be able to see Mom and Dad as well

6. Ask what kind of genetic testing they have done on the dogs.
They should support the AKC DNA program.

7. For large breed dogs, ask if the parents, grandparents and so on are OFA certified. Get the OFA numbers and check
them. The ratings are fair, good, and excellent. If the parents are both just fair I don't recommend purchasing the puppy.

8. Make sure the patella's have been checked in smaller breeds.
Loose patella's can be hereditary as well as environmental.

9. Ask for the name of their veterinarian, does their vet recommend them to people interested in purchasing a new puppy?

10. Ask for references.

11. Ask if the puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract ,and then ask to see the contract.

12. Ask whether the breeder will take back a dog regardless of the age if you
are unable to take care of it.

13. Ask to see the pedigree and ask how many champions there are in the lineage.

14. Does the breeder asks you any questions? If the breeder doesn't care about the home that the puppy will be going to,
then you don't want to buy from them.

15. Do they have pictures/cards from people who have purchased puppies from them. A good breeder will usually keep in
touch with clients and always be available for any questions, as well as just seeing how their pups/dogs are doing :D New
clients become extended family to most of us :D

16. Do they offer a health contract concerning debilitating genetic disorders.
Were you given a copy to peruse?

17. Ask your potential breeder questions you already know the answers to. Your Maltese breeder should be a wealth of
information for you. All reputable dog breeders will keep themselves updated on all of the goings on of their breed, and
most of the time other breeds as well. They collect information from breed books, the internet, the AKC and other breeders.
Combine that with years of personal experience and you have a reliable source to refer to time and time again. Asking
common questions your breeder should know, is a great way to find out if they are truly passionate about their breed.

18. Does the breeder tell you EVERYTHING about their particular breed? A  reputable breeder will tell you everything....the
good...and the not so good. Their first priority is that you and your dog are a perfect match.  I'll use myself as an example.
I always tell potential owners that Maltese puppies sometimes get a little poop stuck to the hair on their rear...If you are not
the kind of person who can handle something like that, then this wouldn't  be the breed for you.

19. Do they let their puppies go to their new home on holidays? Before, or after a holiday is fine, but going home on a
holiday can be completely overwhelming for a young puppy. Your breeder will always put the welfare of their puppies first.