When you purchase your Maltese, your Breeder will discuss grooming your new baby and what supplies you'll need to do
so.  Even when you were deciding on the right breed for you and your family, grooming was one of the major factors,
Proper care for your Maltese takes time every day.

First you'll need to make a few decisions about grooming.

1. Will you be doing your own full groomings or will you be using a groomer?
2. Will you be keeping a full coat or a puppy clip?

Taking care of a full coat takes more time, especially during the eight to ten month period when the puppy coat is
transitioning to adult coat., but it's not as daunting as you may think, So if  you want to give it a try....Go for it!

I've created a page for the basic equipment you'll need. These are the
grooming tools that work best for me but as you get used to taking care of your Maltese,
you may find other grooming items you prefer using. Use what you feel most comfortable with :D

Everyday Grooming

Teeth should be brushed at least once a week but checking the teeth should be part of your daily grooming routine, ,
especially for puppies! You never know what they'll get stuck in their teeth :D

Hair needs to be combed through once a day. During the eight to ten month transition period I recommend twice a day, as
they tend to get more knots.

Check the eyes everyday for any sort of debris...hair, dirt...eye goobies. Anything that can cause irritation will cause
tearing and therefore tear staining.
After checking the eyes, use a mild baby wash to clean the area around the eyes. Then take a cloth and dry the area well
and comb the hair down with the smaller tined portion of your comb.

If you're keeping your little one in a topknot it needs to be redone daily. For home purposes you can use a single topknot.  
Use a rat tailed come and make a line from the outer corner of the eyes back in a small V to the center of the top of the
head.  Gather the hair. Place a  perm wrapper (found at any beauty supply store) around the hair...fold toward the back,
and  place band. The old saying is  "wrap the paper around the hair not the hair around the paper".
The reason for topknots is to keep hair from irritating eyes.

Check the ears during your daily grooming and clean when
necessary. Also pluck any hair in the ear canal.


Have all of your grooming supplies out and ready before beginning a bath :D
Comb out any knots before bathing.
Bathing can be done up to once a week, however most people average about once a month. I bathe my furbabys in the
kitchen sink...It really saves my back ;) I use Johnson and Johnsons Lavender baby bath, (love the scent) but any mild,
tear free baby bath is fine. As far as dog specific products go, I prefer #1 All Systems. For full coat a good detangling
conditioner is mandatory. I use loreal,( its phosphate free), or All Systems. Of your dog has any issues with their anal
glands I recommend emptying them after your dog is wet, but before you shampoo.

Blow Drying Your Dog :
By the time you bring your puppy home your breeder will have already washed and blown him dry several times, so the
dryer should come as a complete surprise. Most puppies, however are not a huge fan of the blow dryer...lol Adjust your
dryer to medium heat. As most people do not have a professional grooming dryer you have a few choices for placement.
1. Place the dryer at far enough distance as to not be too hot for your hands
...if it is, its too hot for the puppy.
2.You can also have someone hold the dryer for you.
3. Purchase an adjustable arm that you can attach to both the dryer, and any table .

Hold on to the puppy...turn on the dryer and begin to comb downward while drying. The coordination of this whole process
will take some getting used to but before you know it, it will be like second nature for both you...and your dog :D
Once your puppy/dog is completely dry, add a new topknot.

After the bath trim the paw pads (if full length...also neaten up the feet) If hair if left to grow your dog will start slipping which
could both cause injury and ruin their gait.

And finally clip the toenails ..don't forget the dew claws:D
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