COMB -  I use a good metal comb that has larger seperation
in the tines on one side than it does the other.  

Scissors - Choose scissors designed to cut hair....
it does make a difference.

Toothbrush: You can purchase a canine toothbrush but
I prefer the toddler toothbrushes. Sizewise they're perfect for small dogs.
Of course if you have a Great Dane you'd probably want to go a bit larger...lol

Hair Clipper: Although this is not manditory, I highly recomend getting yourself a clipper
for trimming hair around the foot pads. It takes all of two minutes and does a better
job than scissors. It doesnt have to be the most expencive on the market
but as clippers go...you get what you pay for.

Nail Clippers:
I prefer guillotine style. When the pups are small Itheir
nails are so tiny I just use scissors :D

Ear Cleaner:
Maltese are a drop eared dog and require
regular ear cleaning.

Hair Dryer:
For practical purposes a standing dryer or an
adjustable hair dryer arm works very well for grooming your Maltese.
Adorable Accents Maltese
Basic Equipment: