Adorable Accents Maltese
There are several things that you can do to prepare for your newest family
member. I use Maltese as a reference, but many of these tips are useful for most

Where to look
I usually tell people that getting down on your hands and knees is the best way to
check for hazards to your pup. It gives you a puppies eye view of the world. Small
puppies can fit under couches and behind almost any cabinet or appliance.  
Normally you realize this when you try to catch them. They seem to find your
difficulty reaching them  utterly amusing :D

Cords and wires:

Puppies will chew almost anything when they're teething. Make sure that all
electrical cords and wires are out of their reach. This includes video game wires
and controllers. Vacuum cords are also a big favorite.


If you have children, make sure that there are no toys on the floor. Watch out for
Lego's, building blocks, Barbie's, or anything else that a puppy might find
appealing and choke on. Magnetics are a big threat as well. If more than one is
swallowed they will join internally causing  major intestinal blockages  or worse.

Learn the puppy shuffle:

Maltese puppies are very tiny, and can easily be injured. Kicking, or stepping on
a pup accidentally, is a very easy thing to do. They're also quite playful, and will
chase your feet. Many an owner has been injured whilst trying to avoid stepping
on their pup. Until they learn to walk by your side, and not  under your feet, try to
slide, or shuffle around your house. You may feel ridiculous, but it will help avoid
an injury to either you, or your puppy.

The refrigerator door, or any door for that matter:

Get in the habit of looking down before you close the refrigerator door. There are
a lot of intriguing smells in, and around that area for your puppy. It only takes one
mistake to cause brain damage or even death. Be cautious with all of the doors in
your home. Anything new, is free game to a puppy. They won't hesitate, to go
in-between traditional or sliding glass doors.


Make sure, if you have plants that are low enough to reach, they are not
poisonous. Poinsettias are the most obvious, but common plants such as Aloe
Vera, Chrysanthimums and azaleas are also poisonous. Here's a link to a helpful
list http://www.blankees.com/house/plants/poisonous.htm
Do some research. This not only applies to your house, but your yard as well,
and don't forget about mushrooms.

Your yard:
Make sure there are no poisonous chemicals your puppy might find
interesting...Anti freeze, insecticides, fertilizers, bleach, gas, motor oil, etc.


When my dogs were little they could slip right through my fence. Mesh, or
chicken wire around the base of the fence, should solve this problem.

Birds and cats:

Maltese puppies are very small, and can be mistaken for a bird, or cat's natural
prey. I've heard stories of puppies being taken from yards by hawks and never
seen again. Because of their diminutive size, this applies to adult dogs as well.
Puppy Proofing Your Home