Purchasing A Maltese Puppy.

Should You Meet The Parents?

So, you've decided to purchase a Maltese puppy. You've done your research on the breed. You know what's involved in
taking care of the little fella, and you feel that he, or she will be a perfect match for your family. Now what?

Well, if you're lucky, you've been able to find a breeder or two in your area. Being able to visit your puppy, and his/her
parents, is definitely an advantage, but how important is it to meet your puppy's parents? In a word...Very :D

Always remember: Temperment is passed down from the sire and dam. Aggressive parents produce aggressive puppies.

At some point, before you take your puppy home, you should definitely visit his/her Sire and Dam. Now, depending when
you speak to your breeder, there may be certain times you wouldn't, be able to meet them. For example, during a heat
cycle, or late in a pregnancy. Those are perfectly rational explanations for not seeing them, at that time.

Howerer there are times that are perfectly fine to meet them:
When you visit your puppy you should be able to meet the parents, (although it may be breifly, as dams are protective of
their babies and it may be upsetting to her to have a stranger around them.
Mid gestation is also acceptable, as well as any time she's not having a heat cycle.
The sire is certainly more flexible ;)

You would be surprised however, at the excuses some,
"so called breeders" will give you for the inavailability of your puppy's parents:
Their on loan to another breeder: That should not be for an eternity! And you of course would be able to meet him or her
upon their return home.
It upsets them too much to have visitors: The Dam perhaps.... once the pups are born, but you should be able to meet her
I can't risk them catching anything: You certainly dont need to touch them to see them, although if there are no puppies in
the house that should'nt be an issue.
...and the list goes on.  
Some even say they just sold them!

I know one lady that went to see her future Maltese puppy, and was given a many excuses why she couldn't see the
parents. The only dog she did see  was a white Poodle walking around the house. She asked about is, and was told by the
"breeder", that she was watching it for someone. Well, she still bought the puppy. Her Maltese puppy is a dog now, and it's
a very well loved Poodle.
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